Friday, May 24, 2013

Connect and Disconnect

Interesting portraits can be made with just with eye contact or the lack of it - subtle or intense, there is so much emotional content to play around with - look at me, look through me or wander the worlds within.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Abandoned Spaces

Just as every being has a life cycle so does a building - birth/construction, life/utilization, death/demolition. There are times the structure can no longer server its what it was meant to do, it enters a state of limbo where uncertainity lays in its future. Abandonment is the first of the stages, decay embraces it, untimely death waits for it in its clouded future. For many you almost know with certainty what is to happen to it, but only the tide of time reveal what is to come.

A series of photographs done for a project - Abandoned Spaces. Locations include the abandoned military base in Alameda and abandoned garrison in Angel Island.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Port of Oakland

A day spent a going around the Port of Oakland.

Loading cranes at the Port of Oakland in the morning. Taken from across the bay on the piers south of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. The fog and dust was taking its sweet time to clear up.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

In search of color

Walking down the streets of San Francisco in the Marina and Richmond neighborhoods in search of color. So much of my past work relied on black and white that I now feel it wouldn't be so bad to shoot just for the sake of color.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

First Semester @ AAU - A retrospective

A foundation semester for everything that is coming to you throughout the rest of the program. If I were to go over what I learnt through the semester and summarize it, then this follows

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

GLA 625 - The History of Photography - Assignments, Midterms and Finals

Late 1800s. Paris. Atget.
Ah well, lets keep this post simple. A course with a laden plate of reading material and formidable amount of written content that needs to be generated. Here are some of the more useful articles and papers.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

PH 603 - The Language of Photography - Finals

Submit 8-10 photographs which form a consistent body of work. The theme/style/genre of photography are left to you. Plus interview a photographer, someone significant in the field of photography you are interested in or aspire to be a part of, and submit a short paper it.

Some of projects chosen by the students in class
- Color in water - Landscapes and Moods
- Food photography
- Urban decay in industrial Oakland
- Half him, half her - A study on the similarities between people in long term relationships.
- Fashion photography
- A study on trees
- A documentary styled shoot to promote pet adoption from animal shelters.
- Photo montage

I had chosen architecture as the theme for my work. I wasn't particular about structures adhering to specific  architectural style, but instead I went looking for architectural elements with striking visual appeal. Strong composition, balance and rhythm, symmetry form the foundation of the work.

Friday, January 25, 2013

PH 612 - The Nature of Photography - Finals

Somewhere around eight weeks into the term, the time midterms are conducted, everyone in class is asked to choose a subject/theme for their finals and has to submit the proposal in writing. Once the proposal gets ok'ed you have about eight weeks to the day of the finals, where you have to present ten photographs which form a coherent body of work. While I had chosen to make images in the aesthetics adhering to Minimalism while exploring lines, form, shape and texture, others had chosen projects relevant to their style of photography and subject matter closer to them. Some of the projects by other students.

- A study on the personalities of individuals through the tattoos on their body
- Atrocities committed on people with different sexual preferences. An enactment to bring awareness with self as the subject.
- A documentary themed shoot on the days in the life of a survivor of a critical gun shot.
- A modern day take on fairy tales.
- Days in a laundry mart.
- Fences.
- Strong women.
- A documentary themed shoot to the days in life of her 99yr old grandmother.

Now onto the ten photographs which form my submission for the finals - Photographs with Minimalism aesthetics, abstractions both organic and geometric, exploring lines, shape, form and texture

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

PH 603 - The Language of Photography - Midterms

Mid terms ... ah mid-terms. Just when you think the pace is picking up and the assignments are getting demanding, you are suddenly thrown into the gladiator pit and asked to create 8 unique photographs. But not to fret, passing through the eternal fires is a necessary task, coming out of the pit unscathed or otherwise leaves you wise and confident for more to come.

Now on to the rules Igor
- Use whatever camera and accessories are at your disposal
- Use digital or analog darkroom techniques to manipulate your images. Not too much Photoshop though.
- Create photographs to the best of your ability and not just to satisfy the basic need.
- Submit prints in class for critique and evaluation.

Now on to our contenders

Monday, January 21, 2013

PH 603 - The Language of Photography - Assignments

Weekly assignments for The Language of Photography course in the first semester. Assignments given out are due for submission the next week. Photograph(s) are to be printed typically on an A4 size photo-paper. But you can choose to get a smaller or larger print if you desire.

Everyone puts their work on the wall, to get critiqued by the instructor and at times even by the students.

Assignment 1: Signature photograph
Get one photograph that represents you currently as an artist. It doesn't have to be new

This is one of the photographs made while I was travelling in Leh in mid 2011. A buddhist monastry forming a beautiful landscape, plus the dramatic sky adds to the appeal of the photograph. I would quite easily put it among the best I had.

PH 612 - The Nature of Photography - Assignments

Weekly assignments for The Nature of Photography course in the first semester. Assignments given out are due for submission the next week. Photographs are to be printed typically on an A4 size photo-paper. But you can choose to get a smaller or larger print if you desire.

Everyone puts their work on the wall, to get critiqued by the instructor and by the students. Receiving feedback from the instructor, Jim Sienkiewicz a fine art photographer, is a highly constructive process. Other students in the class participate in the critique session too, which gives you great insights into how your photograph can be perceived and interpreted in ways you hadn't anticipated.

Assignment 1: A photograph on any subject matter
The first assignment was a fairly laxed one. Just get a photograph you made.

One of the early photographs I had made since I move to San Francisco. A fascination for urban landscapes clubbed with a need to explore the city more made me go after this vantage.

This one was shot for being a postcard pic.