Friday, January 25, 2013

PH 612 - The Nature of Photography - Finals

Somewhere around eight weeks into the term, the time midterms are conducted, everyone in class is asked to choose a subject/theme for their finals and has to submit the proposal in writing. Once the proposal gets ok'ed you have about eight weeks to the day of the finals, where you have to present ten photographs which form a coherent body of work. While I had chosen to make images in the aesthetics adhering to Minimalism while exploring lines, form, shape and texture, others had chosen projects relevant to their style of photography and subject matter closer to them. Some of the projects by other students.

- A study on the personalities of individuals through the tattoos on their body
- Atrocities committed on people with different sexual preferences. An enactment to bring awareness with self as the subject.
- A documentary themed shoot on the days in the life of a survivor of a critical gun shot.
- A modern day take on fairy tales.
- Days in a laundry mart.
- Fences.
- Strong women.
- A documentary themed shoot to the days in life of her 99yr old grandmother.

Now onto the ten photographs which form my submission for the finals - Photographs with Minimalism aesthetics, abstractions both organic and geometric, exploring lines, shape, form and texture

the actual submission was a black and white version of the same photograph. will replace this once i find it.

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