Wednesday, January 23, 2013

PH 603 - The Language of Photography - Midterms

Mid terms ... ah mid-terms. Just when you think the pace is picking up and the assignments are getting demanding, you are suddenly thrown into the gladiator pit and asked to create 8 unique photographs. But not to fret, passing through the eternal fires is a necessary task, coming out of the pit unscathed or otherwise leaves you wise and confident for more to come.

Now on to the rules Igor
- Use whatever camera and accessories are at your disposal
- Use digital or analog darkroom techniques to manipulate your images. Not too much Photoshop though.
- Create photographs to the best of your ability and not just to satisfy the basic need.
- Submit prints in class for critique and evaluation.

Now on to our contenders

A photograph taken at dusk or dawn.

An exhibition galley called The Legion of Honor. Late in the evening the lit up structure is the center of attention. The parking line on the asphalt lead you the cast iron structure on the right which again takes you back to the building.

A black and white landscape with a large depth of field.

The rocky beach at Sutro Baths with just a glimpse of the North tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.

A black and white portrait with a shallow depth of field

A long exposure shot

Taken atop the twin towers at dusk. Looking over downtown SF.

A photograph taken at night time.

Facade of a building in downtown SF.

A photograph taken indoor or in a studio

Colorful feathers for sale in Castro St.

A photograph of a black object on a black background

Nikon 24-70 f2.8 aka The Beast. Product photography in a studio complete with lights, diffuses, reflectors and a black backdrop.

A photograph of a white object on a white background

Egg tragedies.

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