Thursday, February 28, 2013

First Semester @ AAU - A retrospective

A foundation semester for everything that is coming to you throughout the rest of the program. If I were to go over what I learnt through the semester and summarize it, then this follows

- A ton of names in the world of photography. Past and contemporary photographes who have continually challenged and changed the landspace of photography.

- Start thinking of photographs as a body of work rather than just pretty pictures or pictures from your last vacation.

- Its all about finding what in photography specifically interests you. Further defining your aspiration and identifying your influences is part of the learning experience. I did find something I specifically like to shoot - Architecture and Urban Spaces. But I continue to keep an open mind, 'cos you never know - interest in new genres could always begin when you are in a learning environment.

- You start to think of how you would want to be professionally involved in the field, at-least thats the way I seem to be going for now.

- You see a lot of talent, from students and professionals alike. Gives you an idea of how far one can go and how much effort one needs to put in.

- The school does not have a magic pill for success. A combination of your drive to be somewhere and do something along with the resources and network of the school can get you a good start. The most important part seems to be - shooting frequently, shooting with intent and always willing to learn.

If I were to put together some of the more memorable photographs that I made throughout this semester, either as part of the course or just by my own interest, then these would be it

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