Friday, February 3, 2012

Mangalore Half Marathon 2012

The first edition of Mangalore half marathon organized by Life is Calling and sponsored by NITTE University Mangalore, took place this year on the 29th of Jan. There were roughly around 110-115 runners in the half marathon category, and another 150 in the 10k and 5k runs. Quite a small turn out for such an event, I was expecting at least around 500 to be in it, buuut ... well maybe next year.

Their website is pretty neat and registration was easy. It costs about Rs. 750 to take part in the half marathon. The run started at 7am in the morning. A few African runners were also taking part in the run, and as expected they munched through the whole run like a fat boy goes through chocolate chip cookies, us mortals on the other hand and to sweat it out.

The organization was neat, but that probably 'cos us such a small head count, but even then found the over all experience good. Digital timing chips were available for accurate time measurement; water and electrolyte stations were available at every 2km, plus a finishers medal awaits those who managed to cross the finish line (all then of did :)). I finished the run in 3:06:08, a pretty sorry pace, but hey at least I finished it and that too a full 12 mins ahead of my previous half marathon (Bangalore International Midnight Marathon)

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