Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fireflies Music Festival 2012

The eternal drums of Fireflies
Fireflies MusicFest has been the most amazing music event in Bangalore in the recent years, and this year is no different. Set in the Fireflies Ashram on Kanakpura Rd. roughly 30km from Bangalore, an open air amphitheatre with the stage below a huge peepal tree. What's wonderful about this event is that its not a corporate sponsored event, so you find no banners all around and no TV stations flashing their cameras. Its a long one though. Starts at 12 on a sunday afternoon and ends 10 at night. The music spans a variety of genres from folk to rock and the artists are from all around. The bands that took part in the event: VaiyaliAgam, Filter Coffee, La Pongal, Saifa Gharbi (Algerian Sufi Singer), Shabnam Virmani, Something Relevant, OTO 3, Om Viloma ft. Amit Heri and Talavya.

Something Relevant
This event is not only great to satisfy your interest in listening to great bands perform live but it also great for the shutter-bugs too. The artistic performances, the energy and the surroundings provides a very unique opportunity. The light varies a lot too, from harsh midday light, to the very best warm sunset light, to the unpredictable and colorful stage lights in pitch black background.

Something Relevant
What do you need to get the best pictures? First of all you need a reasonable range in focal length. On a Nikon DX camera (APS-C sensor) a range of 24-120mm should be good enough. The wide end of the focal range to capture the entire band, the stage and the people around. The telephoto end for those amazing portraits. A slightly longer focal length range would help in case you end up in the back seats, maybe a 55-200mm would do then. A few other things that would really help
- The quality of the glass. Better color rendition , contrast and sharpness from centre to corner is always welcome.
- The smaller the max aperture the better. You'll especially feel the need for one when the sun goes down.
- Good image quality even on high ISO. Again, once the sun goes, you shouldn't be scared to crank up the  ISO scale.

La Pongal
The drummer of Agam

Filter Coffee
La Pongal


Something Relevant


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